Al Nasr has properly trained and well-prepared Company staff
for Competing a Crucial Project in a Safe Manner.

  • On Time

    We plan according to your requirement to complete project.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We are always here to help you in any context.

  • Emergency

    We had a back up in case of emergency situations.

  • Domestic Demolition

    We ensure safe Demolition Services

  • Cognitive Team

    Our teams collective efforts are here to help you.

  • Efficiency

    we utilise our physical and intellectual resources in systematic way.

Al Nasr makes sure that all of the staff have been given the right Instruction and have the correct permits and machine insurance to get complete project in a safe manner. Al Nasr regularly organize daily basic meeting with Supervisor’s, Engineers Operation Staff so as to discuss the safety Plan & Implement safety policy for the Project.
By nature, our works seems to be difficult, and comes with it significant amount of risk but our safety manager Mr. Syed Ashfaq Ahmed and his team can effectively control the risk with planning, Technology and a knowledge of experience. Al Nasr provide personal with effective standard operating procedures no one in our team can operate any Plant or Equipment until they have been trained & Accessed by their supervisor, Licensed by RTA (Road and Transport Authority) as competent to operate the same. Al Nasr own fled, they preform regular Checkups & Maintenance our Machinery in Perfect Condition.
This is all about Coordination & achieving the success and reaching home healthy & Customer satisfaction.